Renaissance Cosmetic Laser

Renaissance Cosmetic Laser & Surgery is one of the most trusted and comprehensive cosmetic treatment centers in Chicago. Their team is led by Taek Kim, MD, a renowned Chicago cosmetic surgeon with over 30 years experience, known for his innovative, personalized and caring approach. Renaissance Cosmetic Laser & Surgery offer a broad range of service performed with leading-edge technology to deliver treatments that are comfortable and affordable with less downtime and incredible results.

Dr. Kim is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the mid-west for body contouring procedures including Body-Jet Lipo, Viora Skin Tightening and Ultrasound Therapy.

Renaissance Cosmetic Laser is the only Diamond Elite Provider for Artefill in the state of Illinois.

So I decided to meet with the doctor and ask him some questions.

- Dr Kim, what is unique about your company?

My entire staff and I have one goal and that is to satisfy our clients’ needs. When it comes to your appearance, you want the best possible outcome from your treatment. We address the health and cosmetic concerns of my clients in an environment where science and aesthetics merge in synergy.

-          Can you tell us the story of your company in a few sentences?

I have been a Board certified Gynecologist for 30 years after serving in the Armed Services as a flight surgeon. I began to incorporate cosmetic procedures in 2000. I am a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. My specialties range from advanced endoscopic procedures, female urological disorders, and cosmetic gynecology to liposuction, breast enhancement, facial rejuvenation, and varicose vein treatment.

-          What have been the keys to success in your business?

The key to success comes from delivering what patients want and exceeding their expectations. We do not rush our process, we take a personalized approach to learn about our patients needs and do not give up until the patient is both comfortable, confident and satisfied.

-          If there is one thing that would sum up your advice for your patients,

what would that be?

Beauty comes from both the inside and outside. Outside we can preserve beauty by rejuvenation rather than creating a new plastic or over-done look. Our goal is to help our clients achieve a more youthful and refreshed look.

-          Holidays are approaching, what would you like to wish our readers?

Made popular by a Real Housewife of Orange County, we offer cosmetic procedures for face and body and cosmetic gynecological surgery to rejuvenate the female external genitalia. Procedures such as vaginal rejuvenation, labialplasty and perineoplasty give women back their confidence and can be life-changing for some patients. My wish for the holidays are not to be afraid and fall in love with yourself again!

-          What types of people are good candidates for cosmetic gynecology?

Any woman who feels insecure about her genitalia can benefit from surgery. Some women are born with enlarged labia or after childbirth, the female genitalia may lose elasticity and suffer trauma from giving birth. This trauma results in a change of the vaginal tissue and may deform the external appearance causing some women to fell less confident. We serve a unique need within the cosmetic surgery industry. 

As a gynecologist I canappreciate those women’s needs and have the training, experience,reputation and specialties that are critical criteria when selecting acosmetic gynecologist. You want to be sure the doctor has performed the procedure that interests you many times.

-           What are the benefits of “awake” procedures?

Another unique aspect of my practice is all of my surgical procedures are done under localized anesthetic. The benefits are numerous including no need for hospitalization. Other risk factors such as blood clot formation, cardiovascular and respiratory complications are greatly reduced. My patients are able to participate in surgical decisions such as breast augmentation size. My patients are able to return to work sooner than if they had undergone general anesthesia with less bruising and pain.

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