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We all are in search for success secrets and hidden facts that could draw us the path of reaching our goals. But I learned along the way that in life and business as well, there are no such secrets of success. Try to imagine the following scenario: you are here in the present, and your goal is far in the distance. Down the road you come across different things to choose from, such as excuses - that could increase the distance between you and your purpose. Then you have all the other choices that could be translated into steps towards what you initially projected as a wish. They have different names like persistence, belief, trials, effort, sacrifice, time consuming, dedication, loyalty, vision. There’s no secret in here. These are all laws that were proven so many times.

Let me start what I hope will be a great relation between you - the reader, and me - the makeup artist. I was thinking of how I should begin all this, and realized that there are some important things that people should know about what lies at the base of a perfect look. Similarly to how success is achieved in all other areas of our lives, there are no secrets in here. Today, we can take advantage of the many inventions and discoveries that science did and still does for us. We have all the necessary ingredients for a good looking skin. Yes, the skin care condition is the first step for a great makeup result. Here are some facts that you should consider to protect, feed, and enrich your skin:

  1. Never go to sleep without removing your makeup

One night of sleep with the makeup on adds 5 years of old to your skin. You won’t see the effects tomorrow, or in a week, but you’ll experience early appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and unhealthy looking skin. Prevention, before repair is the only solution left! Be disciplined!

  1. Stick to a daily routine of care for your skin

It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to clean tone, treat and hydrate your skin, each and every morning and night. Define what type of skin do you have and choose the best products that suite your skin, and make it act younger.

  1. Use products from the same producer

Try to avoid combining different brands. Identify what products deliver the best for you and be loyal. It always works- in life and skin care as well!

  1. Eye and lip makeup remover importance

Make sure there’s nothing left on your eyes when removing the makeup. A good eye-makeup remover should contain skin-smoothing ingredients and emollients that will be able to condition the eyelashes. Also, make sure you use a product that can gently wipe away the mascara and colors.

Did you know? -The skin around your eyes is as thin as an onion peel, which is why you should pay great attention to this area and act with gentleness.

                          - Your lips have no grease producing cells. So help them stay moisturized by using a lip makeup remover

  1. Eye crème – a must!

Never skip this step and apply it before any other lotion or crème. Some lotions are so designed that they will let nothing else to penetrate after facial application. 

Important: Use you ring fingers to gently tap the eye crème around your eyes. Never rub this area. Wrinkles will pop up and you’ll have no idea where do they come from.

  1. SPF during the day

Choose a crème or lotion; depend from your skin type that contains at least 15 SPF. It will protect your skin from sun burns and from so many side effects of sun exposure.

  1. Oily skin needs hydration!

There’s this myth I often come across: “I don’t need any lotion because my skin is oily.” Wrong! You’ll need to use a skin care system that encloses components that will balance and normalize the skin’s water-to-oil ratio. Not offering hydration to your oily skin will cause your skin to produce even more oil.

  1. Foundation

I meet so many ladies that are against the everyday-use of foundation.

Did you know? Foundation is the last step in the skin care process, and one of the first steps in makeup. This important element will keep the dust, the dirt and lots of other external elements, away from a direct contact with your skin. Important to mention that a good quality foundation contains SPF. Add this to what your lotion contains already and you’ll get a perfect coverage protection.

It’s as simple as this: clean, tone, treat, hydrate, protect! No secret. It’s a commitment to yourself, a proof of self respect, and an example for others. It will take you some time, dedication and sometimes even some moments of research. Some will say this is an expensive process, time and money wise.

You can always contact me with any questions that you might have in regards to skin care and makeup. Until next time, make sure you’ll take good care of you and your skin. Holiday season is almost here, so stay tuned for makeup ideas, color trends and much more.

Natalia Rosca, Makeup artist

Chicago, Illinois


Natalia Rosca
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